Secure Your Child’s Inheritance

India’s National Mineral Policy 2019 states that “Natural resources, including minerals, are a shared inheritance where the state is the trustee on behalf of the people to ensure that future generations receive the benefit of inheritance. State Governments will endeavour to ensure that the full value on the extracted minerals is received by the State.” Therefore, all minerals are common property, owned by all, including future generations.

MIRA is dedicated to bringing the broad mining principle of Shared Inheritance to fruition. We believe that in order for the extractive industry to be fair and just, it must look beyond the narrow narrative of nonrenewable resources as today’s revenue sources. Mining legislation should also take the constitutional principle of intergenerational equity into account. We cannot afford to sell our limited resources (to which future generations are also entitled) at a loss. The state should not only aim to receive the full value for the extracted resources, but also to save the income in a Permanent Fund for future generations to use.

This coalition is committed to advocating for the Shared Inheritance mandate among all stakeholders at the local, state, and national levels through our work, campaigns, and social media channels. We aim to protect mineral inheritors’ rights by promoting radical transparency and accountability, as well as raising voices against corruption and secrecy. You, too, can get involved and support us by participating in our Shared Inheritance initiatives.

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