District Mineral Foundation

Reflection from a few major mining states

Some 6 years ago, when communities heard that they will be shareholders and they can carry forward their ruined lives with some strength, they realized later they were daydreaming. The Government under pressure from several quarters withdrew from such a provision, stating that it is practically not feasible. While introducing District Mineral Foundation (DMF) as an institution at the district level for the welfare of people, a fund proposed under MMMDR (Amendment) Act 2015 came into being which whitewashed the earlier proposed provision of 100% equivalent of royalty. Now the miners have to contribute 10% of proportionate royalty in addition to the royalty on minerals for leases issued after 12.1.2015 and those which were issued before 12.1.2015 should be depositing 30% equivalent of royalty to this fund. What a slide! The States are bound by the Scheme announced by Central Government i.e. PMKKKY to be followed in formulating rules, and procedures and choosing activities! Act Now to at least make DMF a working reality for the affected. Just don’t leave it to Bureaucratic control.

Notification of Ministry of Coal on Contribution by Coal Miners in District Mineral Foundation Trusts

Document on Mining, DMF and State Briefs

Order dated 12th July 2021 Regarding the transfer of funds to State Mineral Fund

Order dated 23rd April 2021 Regarding Managing Committee and Governing Council
Status of DMF Funds as on 20 January 2020

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