Individual Membership Sign-up Form

Why Join Mineral Inheritors Rights Association (MIRA)?

MIRA, formally established in March 2020, is an emerging coalition of 30 diverse civil society groups and networks in India working to ensure democracy, social justice, equity, transparency, and accountability in the extractive sector. It is affiliated to the global Publish What You Pay (PWYP) movement. 

MIRA and its members are part of the only global movement of over 1000 organisations and 50 national coalitions advocating to ensure that benefits from oil, gas and mining translate into improvements in people’s lives.

MIRA’s Vision: Our collective vision is to create and ensure “A country with fair and effective governance over natural resources, including minerals, which are a shared inheritance with the State as trustee for the people and especially future generations.”  

Benefits of membership:

  • Collectively demand for radical transparency in the extractive sector in India, that is necessary to keep the inherited wealth safe.
  • Engage in promoting and facilitating citizen’s role in the oversight and monitoring of the extractive processes in India.
  • Become part of a network of over 1000 organisations worldwide working on various issues related to extractive sector governance, including environmental protection, intergenerational equity, gender, human rights advocacy, corporate integrity due-diligence, workers’ safety, fair taxation, energy transition and financial accountability.
  • Engage in thought provoking discussions on how natural resources should be managed in order to benefit people and communities in a fair and sustainable manner.
  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to an open and accountable extractive sector.
  • Collaborate with civil society in resource-rich communities and countries to identify ways to ensure that transparency helps foster greater accountability.

Who Can Join?

Membership is open to Indian civil society organisations or community-based organisations, networks and individuals who are committed to the shared vision of MIRA and PWYP.

What does becoming a member require?

To be a member of MIRA, it is necessary to submit a sign-on form and agreeing to the MIRA Transparency Charter, MIRA Guiding Document, PWYP Vision 2025

Below are some ways that members participate in the coalition:

  1. Participating in coalition meetings held every last Saturday of a month.
  2. Amplifying MIRA’s work and collaborating on joint research, advocacy or campaigns.
  3. Assisting with outreach activities such as lobbying MPs, government officials, industry representatives, media.

Members are encouraged to discuss how they intend to contribute with the MIRA National Coordinator. Members can leave the coalition at any time but must inform the Coordinator and other coalition members of their decision.  Members are responsible to apprise the Coordinator of any change in contact information (ie. address, contact person). To keep information up-to-date membership information will be reviewed every two years.